40 at last

Now most of you are thinking “ are you crazy” you should be shying away from the big four zero.

This all started 25 years ago at the very young age of 14 and a half. And trust me the half makes a bit of difference.

The first life plan if you can call it that, was to get a good carer in a field I was always drawn to, Engineering and I’m not talking just the design side, I was quite happy being covered in whatever muck, oil and grease you come across climbing around heavy machinery! No plans for a family or other commitments for a very long time, I was happy to go explore the world young free and single.

So yeah, then I found out I was pregnant, it was a shock to everyone including myself ( no not that bit) but the idea of really having to make a life changing decision.

Oops plans need to change.

After the initial shock to the family, everyone was very supportive with whatever decision I wanted to make, and ultimately my decision was to have the baby.

I spent a lot time thinking about this, if I could not be what a baby needed me to be it was not fair on the baby, so at that point I made the decision no matter what came round the corner my child came first.

I went to collage once he had arrived to continue to study for a career in engineering but unfortunately looking back now it was just to much at once, but I learned a lot.

When I was 18 years old and my son was almost 3 years old I met and married my future ex-husband.

I walked down the aisle at my wedding 6 months pregnant ,with my son as pageboy thinking this was it, the happy family part of life plan 2.

So now I’m in my early 20’s with a boy in school and a toddler in nursery and baby number 3 on the way.

Now there was a plan to this, I didn’t want a huge age gap between the kids and I was very happy with 3 and no more.

A few years after baby number 3 arrived, I think I realised I had grown as a person but the husband was still a child himself, so there I am ,now 27 and filing for divorce. As far as marriage goes looking back now I’m sure it was more of an adoption.

Besides, Me and the kids were very happy just being our own little family unit.

At this point my son is a teenager and has worked out that by the time I’m 40, when I tell people my age and then his age, we will stop getting “the look” as he put it, (you can see a persons brain trying to do the maths) it always made us smile.


I’m 20 and have a 5 year old, (you can see them working it out of there fingers)

I’m 25 and have a 10 year old,( odd look as they know something is a bit off )

he figured by the time I was 40 he would be 25 and answering that old question should go something like I’m in my 40’s with a son in his 20’s and we would no longer get these looks.

There have been many curve balls over the years, a new long-term relationship of 8 plus years now, plus 2 extra teenagers thrown in for free , and the last surprise was the middle child at the age of 20, made me a granny !!!

At this point in my life I’m happy with who I am and looking forward to what ever life throws at me next, good or bad, I’ve weathered the storms so far and had moments in the sunlight too.

Now 40 is here and my business is growing, there are so any things I am now free to do in my own time.

When someone tells me 40 is the new 21 please don’t at 21 I was knee deep in nappies, bottles and baby toys. It was not most peoples idea of a fun time!

I want 40 to be 40, as you are hopefully old enough to go out and have the fun of someone in their 20’s, but without the mistakes you would have made if you had not had the years of experience under your belt.

My son is now a grow man at 24, independent and starting his own life, the age thing and peoples reactions to it still pop up in conversations we have and it won’t be long until he finds out if his prediction was right.

It’s never really about the age you are, its about the maturity you have and the effort you put in. As a teenage mum I found out if you put your mind to anything you can make it work despite what people say and as a women rounding 40 who is already a granny I don’t intend on letting things slow me down yet, far from it there is still life to live… and lots to be done!

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