March Birthstones

For the lucky people born in March, two birthstones are related to this month. These are Aquamarine and Bloodstone.

They both have the qualities that can help you achieve a healthy well-being, said to bring love, youthfulness, and expectation.

These stones are typically given as a present for a nineteenth wedding anniversary and as a protective charm.


This gemstone invokes the tranquillity of the sea. Its name is from the Latin word aqua, which means water, and marina, which means the sea.

It’s a stone that’s generally light-toned and has colours that range from blue to blue-green. Like the sea, Aquamarine can range from crystal clear to a milky opaque appearance, that is reminiscent of a churning tide and foaming white caped waves.

Early sailors believed that when used as protective talismans, Aquamarine could protect them against the dangers in the ocean because it is etched with the likeness of Neptune, the sea god.

In medieval times, many believed that the simple act of wearing or carrying Aquamarine was an antidote to poisoning. The Romans also believed that if you etched a frog on a piece of Aquamarine, it will help sort out differences between two warring parties and attract new friends and comrades in the process. The Jews, Egyptians, and Somalians all appreciated Aquamarine, and many warriors would wear it to battle to achieve victory.

A lot of ancient medicines used powdered Aquamarine to help cure all kinds of infections, but it was said to be especially useful for the eyes .

We really don’t advise you to try this, it sounds painful !!

The stone is thought to be an incredible help in achieving emotional well-being. It is used widely as a symbol in Tarot, as well as a meditation aid. The tranquil colours of Aquamarine cool down hot tempers, helping you remain relaxed and level headed. It’s said it shields your aura from getting influenced negatively and is very popular among pregnant ladies to help protect them and their unborn child.

Regardless of how you use Aquamarine, either as a piece of jewellery or as an aid to your spiritual journey, this stone’s cool and peaceful colour is the ideal complement to any skin tone or setting.


This is a very different looking gemstone to Aquamarine. It is dark green and speckled with clear red spots of iron oxide. It’s usually found embedded in riverbeds or in rocks, and its main sources are Australia, Brazil, and India.

Bloodstone is also called Heliotrope, an ancient Greek word which means ‘to turn the sun’.

Many believe that it was named because of ideas from ancient times on how minerals reflect light. In fact, some believed that the sun itself would change to red if this stone was submerged in water.

Bloodstone may not have the beauty of Aquamarine, but many have a high regard for this stone, for its symbolism and different magical properties.

It is sometimes known as the martyr’s stone as legend tells that it was made when drops of Christ’s blood stained the Jasper stones found at the foot of the cross. Many other cultures believed that Bloodstone possessed mystical healing powers, with mentions of its powers going back to 5000 BC.

The Egyptians prized Bloodstone since they believed that it helped them to magically vanquish their foes. They also believed it increased their strength and made them invincible.Still others believed that Bloodstone could help control or change the weather, win fights in court, or give the gift of prophecy.It was well-regarded for its properties, and many used the stone in jewellery, signet rings, and even small containers or statues.

Some believe, like Amazonite, it helps with mental clarity, increasing creativity and gives a boost to your overall energies.Regardless of how you use or wear Bloodstone, it’s an interesting stone that is extraordinary for everyday use when you need to look and feel good.

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