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The Linden tree is also known as the European Lime trees
The Linden tree has been used by poets through the ages as a metaphor for the beauties of Nature

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Small Pure .999 Silver Linden Leaf with an orange Cubic Zirconia

The sweet smelling linden tree with its heart-shaped leaves is associated with Freya, the Germanic Goddess of truth and love.

Pure .999 Silver Linden Leaf Earrings finished with their own little Linden Blossom!

The Linden is known as a musical tree not only for the uses of its wood to make instruments, from the electric guitar to recorders and percussion instruments. but also because when it blooms in the summer it’s abuzz with the music of bees!

Pure .999 Silver Linden Leaf with a sprinkling of Cubic Zirconia to represent the unique Linden Pods.

It was believed that you could not tell a lie under the Linden tree.

Pure .999 Silver Linden Leaf Earrings with an added Sparkle of Cubic Zirconia

If you see a Linden tree in your dreams, it means happiness, abundance, and beauty. It means that you will be blessed with all the positive and bright things in life.

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